Fascination through creation, innovation and tradition

The Forster Group comprises all the companies of the Forster families. Since 1904, we have been carrying the traditional embroidery production from St.Gallen into the world of major fashion houses in the third and fourth generation. With the development and production of functional e-textiles and the processing of carbon fibers, we have succeeded in opening up technical business fields. Our products are manufactured in our own production facilities in Switzerland, Romania, Bosnia and China.

The Forster Group comprises following companies:

Familie Forster

The Forster family

Members of the third and fourth generation of the Forster family currently include: Matthias Forster, Chairman of the Board of Directors Forster Rohner (back row left in the photo), Ueli Forster, Chairman of the Board of Directors BIONTEC (back row right)  as well as Caroline Forster, CEO of Inter-Spitzen (front row left) and Emanuel Forster, CEO of Forster Rohner (front row right). Caroline Forster and Emanuel Forster jointly manage the Forster Group with delineated areas of responsibility and joint strategy development.